Case: Violations

Date: May 23rd, 2015

Investigators: Mike, Rickie, and Shawn

Equipment: Night vision cameras, recorders, REM Pod, K2 Meter, Mel Meter, SB11 Spirit Box

Claims: Doors opening and closing, The feeling of being watched, women were constantly being touched, apparitions coming down the stairs

Video Evidence

Open it Yourself

Shawn Jumps

Audio Evidence

Description: While the team was headed into what we called the “Blue Room”, or Bedroom #3, this EVP was caught in the hallway just outside the room.


Description: During the walk-thru, again in the hallway outside the Blue Room, it seems a spirit was trying to get out of Shawn and Rickie’s way.

Description: Half way thru the investigation, the livingroom static recorder caught this EVP while the team was up on the second floor.

Description: During the SB-11 Spirit Box session held in the livingroom, this full sentence came out of it.

Description: This voice out of the SB11 is pretty self-explanatory. It’s been slowed down to 80% speed to make it more understandable.

Description: Another EVP caught during the Walk-thru. This spirit seems to just be tagging along with them.

Description: During the Walk-thru with Shawn and Rickie, this voice just comes out of nowhere. It’s probably not referring to anything that we’re doing, unless it was admiring our team T-shirts!

Photos from Investigation