Our mission is to use our combined knowledge and experience to serve as Paranormal Investigators when seeking answers, teachers when sharing information, soldiers when threatened, and a conduit when it’s time for the final resolution. We are here to help the people of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Twin Cities Metro area, Minnesota, and the surrounding states.

News and Updates – 06/14/2017


So much to announce!

The 2-day event at Farrar was awesome! Dave and I are thinking that in September, we’re going to go all Paranormal Lockdown on that place and rent it for 3 days, just him and I. The evidence from that event should be up in a few weeks.

I have added a few of our past cases which I’ve been horrendously awful at updating those, so Mantorville Theater, Day 1 audio evidence from the Edinburgh Manor Insane Asylum event, and the private residence case “The Judged” have all been added. There’s still another 5 or 6 cases that I’m finishing up and then I’ll be able to post those as well!

We have a return investigation to the Cresco Theater in Cresco, IA coming up in a few weeks in preparation for our presentation in the town on Thursday, July 27 during the Ragbri festival celebrating the paranormal and the haunted history of the Opera House! So, if you’re going to be in the area, come out and see the show!

We are booking new cases all the time, and are always ready to assist anyone that wants our help. Just e-mail us using the contact page, phone number, or my direct e-mail and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

We are also looking for a few more passionate investigators! So, if you, or someone you know, is interested in joining our team, just send me an e-mail from our contacts page! Any new recruit MUST have a reliable mode of transportation, and be dedicated enough to put in the time and energy in order to best serve our clients! No experience is necessary!

Because we get asked this questions all the time, I want to further confirm that we do not charge for our services. We are here to help! Even though we’re from the Twin Cities area, we are more than willing to travel to even other states in order to make sure that our clients receive the help they need.

Thank you, all, for your continued support!

Mike O’Neil – Director