A device that detects energy within 6-inches of it. Alarms and lights will then be set off, alerting the investigator that something is around it. It also senses temperature changes and alerts the investigator accordingly


Boo Bear

A trigger object used in a case potentially involving children. Lights will flash when the sensors inside the bear detect changes in temperature or energy field surrounding it. It also has the ability to ask its own questions, and detect if it is being moved or not.


Mini Speaker

Primarily used with the SB-11 Spirit Box as an external speaker, but it is also a very helpful tool if you’re reviewing audio evidence on the spot and want the entire team to be able to hear it clearly.


Full Spectrum IR Camcorder

These small, and durable, camcorders have the ability to see in the dark with their built in IR light, but also have a built in full spectrum IR light, as well as Full Spectrum IR Flood connected to it. Shoot in HD.


Full Spectrum IR Camcorder Glasses

These glasses have the same abilities at the Full Spectrum Camcorders, but have been installed in a pair of glasses. They have video, audio, and digital camera capabilities. It’s a great way of seeing what the investigator is seeing at any given point. Also shoot in HD


Digital Recorder w/mini microphone and Noise Cancelling Headphones

No investigation would be complete with digital recorders picking up all of the EVPs that it can. These recorders have the added ability to allow the investigator to actually listen to what is being recorded as it’s recording it. We have added very sensitive mini-microphones to each of our recorders for the added opportunity of catching audio evidence.


K2 Meter

The device is used to detect EMF fields. Should the EMF field fluctuate, it will light up accordingly depending on the severity of the fluctuation. It starts out as green and turns to yellow, orange, and then finally red. It’s also a great tool to use for spirit communication.


Ovulis 3

A phonetic word generator. Spirits are able to manipulate the energy around them, which the Ovulis is then able to pick up and turn it into actual words. It also harbors many other features including using temperature changes as communication, as well as light manipulation.


SB-11 Spirit Box

This box has one solitary purpose and that is to communicate with the spirits in real time. It has two separate channels, if you choose to use both of them, that cycle through the radio spectrum as fast as you wish it to. Spirits are then able to manipulate the frequencies and talk thru the device, sometimes in their own voices, sometimes using the voices that they can grab from the radio waves.



A very important, multi purpose piece of equipment. It can read the current energy levels as well as the temperature. It also has a built in REM-Pod-like feature that will alert the investigator is something is getting too close to the device. It can also be used for spirit communication.


Digital Camera

Like any day-to-day digital camera, it can still be used to pick up anything visual such as orbs, energy streaks, and even full bodies apparitions.


4 Camera DVR System

This is an indispensable tool for being able to catch on video anything that’s going on in a location, regardless of whether you’re in the area or not. It can shoot as far as 75 feet in total darkness in full HD quality, and run for the entire investigation without needing to be stopped.



The EDI is a three-in-one investigation device. It combines a Thermometer, EMF Gauge, and a Geophone. A Geophone has the capability of sensing any vibrations. So, with one device we are able to tell the ambient room temperature, if there are any EMF spikes, as well as any phantom movement.

Laser Grid

Laser Grid w/ Tripod

A Laser Grid throws out hundreds of streams of light in order to make a grid on any wall, or in any room. With this grid, you’re able to see if anything walks through the beams of light that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. The tripod helps with keeping the grid steady.


The Rook

This newly release device is designed and made specifically for paranormal investigation. It senses energy spikes that make the red lights on device to light up, letting the investigator know that something is interacting with it. It’s extra shielded in order to prevent any false readings like from Walkie Talkies or other radio devices. If a spirit is willing, they would be able to use this device as a way of communication.


The Parascope

The Parascope is used to detect and identify the intensity of the static electricity that is around it. The theory is that when spirit interact with their environment, they create a static charge not until when rub a balloon against the carpet. The Parascope measures this and, depending on the intensity of the charge, those clear straws light up accordingly. It’s also a great tool to use for communication.


Full Spectrum Night Vision Rover

This handy dandy vehicle is a remote control car that can connect through any mobile device by use of an app. It has full spectrum and night vision capabilities, as well as being able to take pictures and record video. It sends back what it’s seeing straight to your mobile device so you are able to see what it sees in real time.


SLS Kinnec XCam

Taking the concept of the XBox Kinnec, this camera sends out an invisible to the naked eye complex grid and then the tablet that is attached to it then maps out everything that it “sees”. If it senses something that doesn’t have some sort of mass to it, is creates a image on the screen based on what it is, typically a stick figure. While it’s mapping out the area in front of it, it’s also measuring humidity, temperature, distance from the camera any anomaly is, and has a built in recorder to capture any EVPs that might be there.


FLIR E50BX Thermal Imaging Camera

One of the biggest theories in the paranormal is the spirits are made up of energy, and that all things that are made of energy, they produce varying degrees of heat. The FLIR E50BX is a camera not only can record like a normal camcorder, but it can also see in temperature. This camera allows the team to record video of any an all temperature changes that it’s aimed at, giving them another chance to catch activity that can’t be seen with the naked eye.