VARIOUS - 2006

Case: Ouija Board Chaos

Date: June 6th, 2015

Investigators: Mike, Shawn, Jason, Mike S. and Tina

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, SB-11, 4 Camera DVR system, REM Pod

Claims: Ouija Board used multiple times, Apparitions, Object manipulation, Disembodied voices, feelings of dread and of being watched, strange illnesses with the horses, being chased by orbs

Video Evidence

Kitchen Orb

Sliding door lights

Audio Evidence

Description: A lot is happening in this short clip. The first voice is a young female saying “I’m waiting” followed by what sounds like an older woman saying “Esmerelda”. After that, a man’s voice is heard saying “Wow!” After that, you hear Mike calling for Dave, except after every time Mike calls for Dave, another voice comes in right afterwards and says “Earl”, almost like he’s correcting him.

Description: This is clip 1 of 2 that was caught in the horse barn. Dave and Tina are talking when a male voice says “I’m wasting my time here”.

Description: Part 2 of 2 that goes with clip above. This was caught directly after the voice saying he was wasting his time. You will hear two very load bangs against the garage door. All investigators in the building are in the middle of the room, well out of reach of any of the doors or walls. Whatever made the bangs, wasn’t them.

Description: Caught on the upper level office static recorder, this young male voice is heard. We have no idea exactly what he’s saying, but it has something to do with a booby trap. Take a listen and see if you can figure it out. 

Description: Mike was warned that there was a step down when entering the garage, but he forgot and tripped. You hear him laughing and right afterwards a voice comes in and says “They said watch out!”

Description: Mike and Dave are in the shop trying to talk with the spirit of a man who committed suicide in it. Mike put the Mel Meter on top of a motorcycle seat only to have it fall off and hit the ground. You hear their reaction to it falling as well as a voice that comes in and says “Now we get it to work.”

Description: This EVP is slowed down so that it’s easier to understand, but a voice comes in and says quickly, “I could never fuck up like that.”

Description: While Mike and Dave are doing this session in the shop, they get the flashlight to go off on command. After they thank the spirit, a voice comes in and says “Pray for this House”.

Photos from Investigation

No Photos were taken during this investigation