Case: Happy Hour Spirits

Date: July 12th, 2015

Investigators: Mike, Rickie, Shawn and Veronica

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, Digital Recorders, Digital camera, SB11 Spirit Box, 4 Camera DVR system, REM Pod

Claims: Disembodied Voices and sounds, Feelings of being watched, Object manipulation, Apparitions, Shadow play, Electronics turning on and off

Video Evidence

Pool Room Orb

Pool Room light

Audio Evidence

Description: Caught on the static recorder at our Command center, Shawn is asking Mike and Veronica if they caught anything during their session. Before they could even answer, a spirit answered Shawn for them.


Description: While doing the walk-thru, this EVP was captured just outside of the building. You can clearly hear a male say “We are here”.


Description: During another part of the walk-thru, in the banquet hall, this EVP was captured.


Description: Captured again during the walk thru of the banquet hall, you can hear a very loud female voice say “Flash em!” while Veronica was taking pictures.


Description: While the team was in the bar area, they began playback of one their recorders. You can hear it going in the distance. The pool room static recorder caught a male voice that didn’t seem to like the sound it made as it yelled “Stop it!” quite loudly. It is amplified to make it easier to hear.


Description: Rickie had just felt like she was sitting in someone else’s seat, so she got up and consequently felt her butt get pinched. Right after she says something about it, two male voices are heard. The first says “There’s an informant here” and the second one says directly after the first, “I’m sitting here.” It’s been amplified to make it easier to hear.



Photos from Investigation