Case: LeDuc Mansion

Date:  April 23, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Shawn, Emma, Jodi, Sammie

Equipment: 4 camera DVR system, Digital recorders, Digital camera, Mel Meter, K2, EDI, Ovulis 3, SB11 – Spirit Box, Ghost Ark, 360 Zoom Recorder

Claims: Apparitions, Disembodies voices, Footsteps, People being touched, Electrical disturbances, Object manipulation

Video Evidence

No Video evidence was captured.

Audio Evidence

Description: While the team was setting up the camera in the attic, two male voices were heard talking underneath our investigators.


Description: Another EVP caught in the attic while Jodi, Emma, and a LeDuc Volunteer were on the other side. Sounds like a little girl.


Description: Great EVP caught with a stationary Ghost Ark in the basement. The two investigators down there at the time were in another room and can actually be heard very faintly in the distance.


Description: An EVP from the Children’s Room. Sounds like a voice calling for help.


Description: While guest investigator Dave was in the Children’s room by himself, a man comes in and says “Excuse me”, almost like he had stumbled into him.


Description: This EVP is just crazy. Caught on the static recorder left in the original kitchen, the sounds of two women singing can be heard while we’re still setting up our equipment for the night. A young girl starts signing a song, followed by what sounds like a man shushing her, and then an older women picked up singing the same song where the younger one left off.


Description: Last one from the kitchen, just a few minutes after the singing. Sounds like 2 women, one of them greatly upset yells “Help me, please!” and another women responds by saying what sounds like “offer protection”.

Photos from Investigation