William A. Irvin

Case: William A. Irvin Ship

Date:  May 7th, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Shawn, Emma, Jodi, Sammie, and Mike

Equipment: 4 camera DVR system, Digital recorders, Digital camera, Full Spectrum IR Camcorders, Mel Meter, K2, EDI, Ovulis 3, SB11 – Spirit Box, Ghost Ark, 360 Zoom Recorder

Claims: Disembodied voices, Object manipulation, Apparitions, People getting touched

Video Evidence

Captain's Quarters Orb

Swamp Room Orbs

Swamp Room Mist

Audio Evidence

Description: Caught in the guest quarters by Shawn and Sammie. Shawn is saying good-bye since they were ending their session and leaving the area. About 6 second of silence later and a female voice says “Things to do”.



Description: This was captured on the static recorder in the Captain’s Quarters. No one is anywhere near that area as the team is still setting up equipment in other parts of the ship. You clearly hear a young girl say “Hey!”


Description: Another EVP from the Captain’s Quarters, and again, no one is around, although I think the team is about to be as there’s a voice that says “They’re coming!” This clip has been amplified to make it easier to hear.


Description: From down in the boiler room comes this EVP. You can hear Mike and Jodi a floor about it talking in the distance. A voice comes over that almost sounds like it’s throwing a tantrum as it’s stomping its feet while yelling “Come Thru!” A few second after that, you hear another male voice say “She all over ’em”.


Description: Another one from the Boiler Room, and you can hear another team talking in the distance up in the engine room. You hear a voice say “He’s Here!” This clip has been amplified to make it easier to hear.


Description: Last one from the Boiler Room. You can still hear the investigators in the background, but a female voice is saying “Help! and then an even louder male voice yell “No!”


Description: While Shawn, Mike, Mike, and Jodi are just coming into the engine room, you hear a voice that doesn’t belong to any of the guys say “Watch it!” and then just after Jodi responds to something Shawn had said, you hear another male voice say “She’s mine”

Photos from Investigation