Case: Cresco Opera and Theater

Date: April 2nd, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Rickie, Emma and Shawn

Equipment: K2, Mel Meter, Camcorder, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, REM Pod, 4-Camera DVR system, SB11 Spirit Box, EDI, Full Spectrum Rover

Claims: Disembodies voices, feelings of being watched, footsteps, apparitions, object manipulation

Video Evidence

Audio Evidence

Description: During the walk-thru, Rickie, Emma, and Shawn were up on the balcony. While they were talking a woman’s voice talks over Rickie, and says “Life Matters!” Something we should all try and remember.

Description: One of the best EVPs ever so far. That night, we had successfully moved on a spirit that wanted to leave, but was trapped. When Mike asked the spirits about what they thought of what the team did that night, a deep male voice says “It’s was Beautiful”.


Description: During setup, a recorder was doing at Command center. Humming was captured by the recorder, but not heard by the team members present.


Description: Caught on the static recorder in the Green Room, a male says that something is pissing him off. No idea what he could be referring to. The clip has been amplified to help you hear it more clearly.


Description: While in the theater, Mike was sarcastically complaining about the lack of interaction with the spirits that night. The static recorder in the lobby caught a male voice yelling “Get over it!” There was a lot of machine noise caught with this recorder, so it might be hard to hear the voice yelling over it.


Description: During the SB-11 session in the theater, Mike was asking if the spirits liked the job that the new Manager was doing. One of the spirits thought so.


Description: A perfect example of how the spirits talk to each other while coming thru the SB-11. A female says “Go Home!” and a male answers her, “No!”

Photos from Investigation