Case: Happy Hour Spirits – The Return

Date: September 6th, 2015

Investigators: Mike, Rickie, Shawn, and Brianna

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, SB-11 Spirit Box, REM Pod, 4 Camera DVR System, Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder

Claims: Disembodies Sounds and voices, Feelings of being watched, Electronics going on and off

Video Evidence

No Video Evidence was captured.

Audio Evidence

Description: Probably one of the loudest EVPs ever captured by the team. You can hear the team in the other room either setting up equipment or quietly talking, but there’s no one within 30 feet of the recorder. The voice comes in and says “We’re gonna go with the handhelds.”


Description: Captured on the Banquet hall’s static recorder, you hear Mike talking about how the ladies shouldn’t be smoking indoors during an investigation. After he talks there’s a female heard that starts humming.


Description: Mike is talking, and you hear the voice of a little girl, but we can’t make out exactly what she’s saying. Listen and see if you can!


Description: This one is a long and crazy EVP. You first hear a female voice say “Gonna open the front door” and then another female say “Mike”. Rickie then does open the front door as she’s on her way outside for a quick break. After the door closes, another female voice comes in and says “Why are you hear?”


Description: The team had just finished sending the spirit of a little girl to the other side, and were about to start an SB-11 session when Mike asks Rickie if she’s asleep, having just sent the little girl on her way. After she responds and we all laugh, there’s a deep male voice that moans at the end of the clip.


Description: During the SB-11 session, this screeching was captured, but not heard by the team at the time. It’s pretty creepy.

Photos from Investigation