Case: Cresco Opera House & Theater

Date: January 16, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Rickie, Mike and Shawn

Equipment: K2, Mel Meter, Camcorder, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, REM Pod, 4-Camera DVR system, SB11 Spirit Box

NOTE: The entire theater area was being remodeling, which is why there’s so much plastic and scaffolding present in those pictures. 

Claims: Disembodies voices, feelings of being watched, footsteps, apparitions, object manipulation

Video Evidence

Cresco Opera & Theater Public Event

Audio Evidence

Description: From up on the balcony when no one was even in the theater area, a very clear male voice is heard.


Description: Someone must not have appreciated all of our questions because this female voice was caught on the static recorder in the green room while we were up on stage saying our good byes for the night.


Description: While we were setting up equipment, a bunch of people were still in the lobby/concession stand casually talking to eachother. This voice comes in and sounds like he’s saying he’s hungry.


Description: Strangest EVP caught all night. Again in the lobby with people talking, you hear three different male voices start talking underneath everyone else. They talk fast, so pay attention!


Description: Shawn and Mike are in the costume room/old living quarters when the walkie goes off. Just after Mike responds a young female voice is heard.


Description: Again, while Shawn and Mike are upstairs, they heard very loud footsteps sound like they are coming up the stairs. They call out and even run over to the steps, but no one ever answers and no one is ever seen.


Description: An SB-11 Spirit Box session was done on the stage. Very clearly says the name “Mike”.


Description: Mike wanted to see if it was his voice that was making the Geophone go off during the SB-11 session. So he started ho-ho-hoing like Santa Claus to recreate it. seems someone didn’t particularly appreciate that.

Photos from Investigation