Case: Family Matters

Date: July 9th, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Shawn, Emma

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, EDI, SLS Kinnec XCam, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, SB-11, 4 Camera DVR system, REM Pod, Vertical Parascope, Rook

Claims: Disembodied voices, Mist figures, Shadow Play, People getting scratched, object manipulation, footsteps, a child having conversations with no one, feelings of being watched

Video Evidence

Fast Orb

REM Pod Going Off

Audio Evidence

Description: While Shawn and Emma were doing the walk-thru, this EVP whisper was captured when they were in the basement. We believe it says “Fuck you, ass….”

Description: The team began the investigation in the basement trying to contact the Uncle of the client, Butch. After I ask if he’s there, there are two clear knocks.

Description: At the end of the night, Mike and Shawn conducted a quick SB11 session. One of the going theories is that the client’s Grandmother was being prevented by the fact that the family was hoarding all of her belongings and not letting go. Mike attempts to ask her if she wants the family to get rid of her stuff so she can move on. Her answer is quite clear.

Description: Mike and Shawn are talking to each other in the livingroom when this extra voice comes in and says “It’s You”. This EVP doesn’t seem to be any sort of reaction to what is going on, but it’s loud and it’s clear.

Description: Again, a voice joins Mike and Shawn’s conversation in the livingroom, even though it doesn’t seem to pertain to anything that’s going on, but it clearly says “Call it Life”.

Description: Mike is in the house by himself while Shawn goes out to get what’s needed to re-secure one of the DVR cameras that became loose. While he’s working on it, a whisper comes in and says either “I’m here” or “I’m right here”. Either way, it’s creepy.

Description: Shawn and Mike are beginning their EVP session in the living room, but you can hear them on the Playroom recorder in the distance. While Mike is asking for the client’s grandmother to come and join them and take a seat, a loud male voice is heard a lot closer to the recorder, yell “I’m Comin’!” 


Description: During the SB11 session in the Playroom, these two voices were heard. The team believes the client’s two relatives are talking to eachother. The male says “Mine!” while a female then says “His House”.


Description: Since the Client, Dean, seems to get messed with the most, Mike asks why the spirits are trying to drive him crazy. The quick response, slowed down, seems to say “It’s Funny”.


Description: Mike is telling the spirits that if they want the team to turn the SB11 back on, to just use the devices to let them know and then says “Sound Good?” After a few seconds a male voice comes over the SB11 and says “Sounds good!”.

Photos from Investigation