Case: Pioneer Place

Date: September 29, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Shawn, Emma, Kyle, Carp, and Travis

Equipment: K2, Mel Meter, Camcorder, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, REM Pod, 4-Camera DVR system, SB11 Spirit Box, and EDI

Claims: Object manipulation, Full bodied apparitions, feelings of being watched or unwelcome, and disembodied voices or noises.

Video Evidence

Basement Orb 1

Basement Orb 2

Audio Evidence

Description: During the walk-thru, while taking reading of the upstairs bathrooms, a male voice can be heard yelling underneath the Shawn “Oh my god! They closed the bathrooms!”

Description: While Shawn and Kyle were investigating the restaurant part of the location, Shawn make the statement that the EMF on the EDI just went off. Just as he’s done saying this, an almost villainous laugh can be heard.


Description: During the same EVP session with Shawn and Kyle, Shawn is asking for any spirits to come and sit down with them for a conversation. There’s a voice that comes in and says “Come!” quite sternly.


Description: While Mike and Travis were investigating the upstairs party room, Travis asks if they do a lot of their drinking in there. There’s a very faint whisper of “no” that comes in, which Mike hears with his own ears.

Description: Mike is sitting by himself at Command Center while everyone else is on the walk-thru. He notices the Ghost Ark is lighting up, so he hits the record button for the recorder. After a few minutes, this voice comes in and says “Help Me”.


Description: There’s a lot of banging going on in this clip, which is Mike trying to get the side door open, but then a female laugh is heard on the recorder that is almost a text book laugh you’d hear from an old witch.


Description: Emma and Carp are investigating the downstairs. They had just stepped into one of the bathrooms where Emma makes the comment “it looks like original tile”. She gets the direct response of “Yes”, which has been confirmed by the client as being true.


Description: Mike and Travis are either entering or exiting the Green Room in the basement. There’s a gruff male voice that says “Who is it?” or “Where is it?”


Description: Shawn and Kyle are doing an EVP session in the Green Room and Shawn is shifting around in his chair and makes a reference to it. Just as he does so, a male voice yells “Move!” at him.


Description: During the SB-11 session in the Green Room, Shawn asks how many spirits are there with them. After a few seconds, a voice comes over and says “one”.


Description: I ask the spirits if they have any message for Rain, who is the general manager of the location and present in the room. An old female voice comes out of the SB-11 and says “Get out!”


Description: Mike asks the spirits if they like the renovations that have been done to the place. There are two responses, both female, that say “Yeah” and then “Hell Yeah!”

Photos from Investigation