Case: Mantorville Opera House

Date: December 3, 2016

Investigators: Mike, Jeannine, Jerry, Stephanie, Leah, Izzy

Equipment: K2, Mel Meter, Camcorder, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, FLIR Thermo Camera, REM Pod, 4-Camera DVR system, SB11 Spirit Box, and EDI

Claims: Object manipulation, Full bodied apparitions, feelings of being watched or unwelcome, cold spots, voices, being scratched

Video Evidence

Audio Evidence

Description: Leah and Jeannine are taking the recorder down to the basement to place it there for the night. They didn’t even get out of the theater before this male voice was caught. Says very quickly, “Fan of Us”.

Description: Leah and Jeannine was trying to figure out where to put the recorder in the basement. While they’re discussing it, another female voice comes in underneath them and says “I don’t know if Tony sent you”.


Description: One of the claims of the building is of a ghost cat that hangs out in the basement. While having some fun during their session down there, you can hear a cat meow in the background.


Description: This was caught on the static recorder on the top level. The entire team is in the theater and just wrapped up the SB-11 session and the investigation. We believe someone is yelling “Nine!” but have no idea why.

Description: No question was actually asked in this clip. This male voice just came through the box and said “It’s all new”. He probably wasn’t even talking to us.


Description: During the SB-11 session, Jerry is asking if the spirits would like us to leave so they can have their time in the theater. After about 8 seconds, a little girl’s voice says “Help me!”


Description: Mike is asking if there’s anything the spirits want the historical society to work on, remodel, upgrade, etc. A voice comes over the spirit box and says “Nothing!”

Photos from Investigation