Case: The Judged

Date: April 1st, 2017

Investigators: Mike, Jeannine, Tony

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, EDI, SLS Kinnec XCam, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, SB-11, 4 Camera DVR system, REM Pod, FLIR Thermo Camera


NOTE: The team did not feel comfortable putting out any pictures or video of the location, even though they had the permission of the client to do so.

Claims: Disembodied voices, Mist figures, Shadow Play, Hearing a baby crying, object manipulation, footsteps, a child having conversations with no one, feelings of being watched

Video Evidence

Audio Evidence

Description: During the initial walk-thru of the home, just 7 seconds after turning on the recorder, a child’s voice is heard saying “Why’d. You. Do. That?”

Description: This audio was caught only on the GhostArk that Mike was holding, despite Mike being next to a digital recorder and Jeannine, who is asking the question in the next room, has a digital recorder in front of her. After she asks if the spirits were scared to come out and face us, there’s an immediate male response of “no”. The clip has been amplified to make it easier to hear.

Description: Jeannine and Tony are in the house by themselves and are trying to get the external speaker to work with her phone so they can play a Christian song. A female voice is heard while they’re attempting to do this say “Lets turn the speaker off”.

Description: Jeannine is in the house by herself just putting the static recorder for the kitchen in place during set up. You can hear a male voice say either “Basement” or “Innocent”.

Description: After getting nothing on the SB-11 Spirit Box for the first 5 minutes, without being asked a question, this voice comes over and says “Guilty”

Description: After trying to get some of the spirits to talk to them through the SB-11, this voice comes over and says “Believe me!”

Description: Mike is asking if the spirits are scared of them since they don’t seem to want to talk. A voice comes over and says “yes”.


Description: Mike is trying to get the spirits to understand that if they want to stay in the house, they have to leave the family alone. The first voice that comes over says “Their House” (it’s hard to make out) and after Mike asks if they understand that, a deep, creepy voice says “al-right”.


Description: Getting near the end of the SB-11 session, the same deep voice from the previous clip can be heard again saying “Leave”.

Photos from Investigation