Case: Disembodied Voices

Date: April 3rd, 2015

Investigators: Mike and Kim

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, Digital Recorders, Digital camera, Full Spectrum IR Glasses, 4 camera DVR System, SB-11 Spirit Box, Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder

Claims: Disembodied voices, family’s names being called, object manipulation, and kids seeing apparitions

Video Evidence

Audio Evidence

Description: From the static recorder on the front door landing, comes this great EVP. It has been amplified to make it easier to hear since it only came across as a whisper.


Description: Before the team could even get all of the equipment into the house, this EVP was caught while Kim and the family were casually talking in the kitchen. The humming comes in underneath their voices.


Description: From the static recorder on the front door landing comes this same voice that was heard before, this time saying “The recorder is down on the dresser”. That is exactly where the recorder was at that time while Mike was doing a session in one of the kid’s bedrooms.


Description: Even amplified, this EVP is hard to hear. It’s a male whisper while Mike is doing his session in one of the kid’s bedrooms that says “Say something”.


Description: This is a great clip from an SB11 session. First, Mike asks for a name and “Anslow” is heard followed by another voice saying “Cock block!” really quickly. Mike then asked for them to repeat it again, only more clearly, and you can clearly hear the same voice say “Pepin Anslow”.


Description: The Mother of the family was never experiencing any activity when everyone else was. When asked why they never tried to contact her, a female says “We did” followed by a very strong male voice saying “Whore!”


Description: This EVP was caught in the garage during the team’s tour of the house. It’s a crazy sound that has never been heard before. Take a listen for yourself!

Photos from Investigation