Case: Unwelcome

Date: October 21, 2017

Investigators: Mike, Jim, Allie

Equipment: Mel Meter, K2, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, SB-11, REM Pod, Vertical Parascope, Ghost Ark, Camcorders

Claims: Disembodied voices, Full Bodied Apparition, Sound of doors slamming, Feelings of being watched

Video Evidence

Audio Evidence

Description: The team is on the main level in the livingroom while the static recorder on the second floor, in the master bedroom, picked up this EVP. Allie is asking Jim if John had built the house. Before Jim can answer, a spirit does it for him by saying “yes”. Which is true.

Description: While the clients are taking the team for a tour/walk-thru of the house, there’s a female voice that shows up that says “She is fun” or “She is fine”.

Description: The clients have left the house and the team is unpacking the equipment and having a conversation. After Allie finished speaking, a female voice is heard saying “She don’t cuss” or “She don’t cuss in here”.

Description: After Allie gets done speaking, there appears to be a short giggle that’s heard.

Description: Shortly after the giggle was captured, someone starts humming.

Description: Mike has just turned the Spirit box on, and before he can even put it down on the ground, a voice says “Hey Michael” through the box.

Description: John and Margret at the original builders/owners of the client’s home. Mike is asking them if they will agree to leave the current clients alone. After each question, you hear a corresponding “Yes” or “Yeah”.

Photos from Investigation