Case: The Grand Opera House

Date: August 25, 2017

Investigators: Mike, Dave, Jim, Allie, Debbie, Tanner, Amy, Steve

Equipment: K2, Mel Meter, Camcorder, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, REM Pod, 4-Camera DVR system, SB11 Spirit Box, EDI, SLS Kinnect Cam, Camcorders

Claims: Disembodies voices/noises, feelings of being watched and not being welcome, footsteps, apparitions, object manipulation

Video Evidence

Pilot - The Paranormal Project

Audio Evidence

Description: Just as Mike, Allie, Debbie, and Jim are entering the paint room in the basement, a male voice comes in and screams “Nooooooooo!”

Description: While Mike’s team is still in the paint room, a faint whisper comes in and says “Paint, don’t ya love it” The clip has been amplified to make it a little easier to hear. The alarm you hear in the beginning is the EDI going nuts with high EMF.


Description: Mike’s team hears police sirens and tags them as such. Afterwards, a female voice is heard saying “We were there”.


Description: Last one from the Basement/Paint room. Not heard by the team, but there’s the sound of a bell that sounds and there was no one within 3 floors of the team.


Description: After the team was done with the Spirit Box session, Mike is saying “Lets pack up, get up, Tracey is waiting”. After Mike says Lets pack up, a high pitched female voice appears to be saying “Tracey”. After a few seconds, the same female voice says “Yes!” and then a loud male whisper says “Hello!” into the Zoom recorder.


Description: While Mike’s team was in the theater, out of no where, what sounded like an old transistor radio started being heard, and it filled the theater.


Description: Up on the 5th Floor Costume Shop, a disembodies female voice was heard multiple times. What she’s saying was not able to be figured out, but it’s definitely in the room with the team.

Description: The SB-7, along with The Portal has being used on the stage. Mike has held up three fingers and asked the spirits to tell him how many fingers he’s holding up. Just as he starts talking about not getting a response, the word “Three” is heard. Then a loud “yes!” When Mike thanks the spirits for the response, a female says “Yep!”

Description: During the SB-7 session, Dave asks the spirits if they can say the name of someone on stage. Just as he is finishing his request, a female voice is heard saying “Fuck this!”

Photos from Investigation